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Dark. No, REALLY dark.

If you're not in Toronto, you may not know that there was a blackout over a considerable part of the west side of the city last night. The lights are only starting to come back in some places now. This did include Laura and I, we're smack dab in the middle of the affected area. Last night about 10 or so, when I was just thinking about shutting my computer down for the night and Laura was taking a bath, the lights went out, and it was evident pretty quickly that it wasn't just our apartment, or even our building, or even our block.

In that way, it was kind of cool -- looking out my window and seeing this lake of darkness that had overtaken us. And it was bedtime anyway, so it wasn't a huge hassle to just pack it in for the night. (Luckily, while we do rely on electricity for our heating, our apartment is always too warm to begin with -- so we retained a good amount of warmth for the night.)

I was, of course, able to check my email, send to Twitter, and even check the news on my phone -- it's hard to imagine now being as completely out of contact as I would have been before cell phones (or before I had one, at least). I even stayed up for a little bit sending text messages to people outside the danger zone. ;)

This morning, it wasn't quite so cool. The temperature was still okay, but I had to dress, sponge bathe at the sink (no hot water, I wasn't desperate enough to take a cold shower), and get everything ready by flashlight. And of course, the subway wasn't running in my part of the city either -- oddly enough, they need electricity -- so I had to take a series of buses where I'd usually be underground most of the way to work.

But that was kind of neat, too. There would be little outposts of light in the strangest places -- outside Christie subway station a little island in the middle of the street was still decorated with Christmas lights and they were twinkling, and a few blocks later, down a side street I could see a storefront that was lit up. And the bus was never too crowded, because it was way way early, and I wasn't standing outside for too long in the (horrible) cold, and I actually got to work in about the same amount of time it would have taken anyway.

And now, rumour is that the power is back. So I can't complain of any terrible hardships throughout the experience -- it was all pretty neat, actually. Though I would have liked to take a shower when all was said and done. :P

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